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What makes us different? Organic Spice Resource proudly sources our products with local farmers in a fair and responsible manner. We package our blends from top quality products from all over the world and ship them to your doorstep.

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I bought a different product on Amazon a while back which was very bright yellow which made me wonder if it was legit with no additives. This one is definitely a keeper. Will be ordering more from them. I love it and the amount is a lot compared to other sellers. Keep up the good work folks. It’s a win win! Thank you!


Quality powdered ashwagandha was what I was looking for to add to my health regime and this is it. Comparable in color, texture, taste, smell, and effect to other companies I've ordered from. I appreciate being able to find information about the herb directly on the packaging such as country of origin. Would buy again.


Glad I bough it. I put a small spoon full in my hot green tea. It has a very earthy organic taste. It reminds me of teas I drank while living in Japan.

Charlie O

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